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2019 Speakers

Safeeya & Virginia Prodan

Would you like to hear real life testimonies which illustrate the tangibility of Christ’s power over death and bondage?

At the 2019 Collin County Prayer Breakfast you will hear how one tiny woman converted an assassin who was sent to kill her. You’ll also experience the opportunity to hear first hand how a strict Muslim practitioner laid her life on the line in exchange for salvation through Jesus.

Christ’s redemptive power is real and active in lives filled to the brim with bondage, and silence. Salvation literally sets captives free and it is our responsibility as leaders and Christians to embrace and protect the freedoms our country provides. The 2019 speakers along with moderator, Kirby Anderson will help attendees understand the paramount responsibility we all have. This is the unification of salvation that brings together human rights attorney, Virgin Prodan and speaker/evangelist/former Muslim Safeeya.

Come experience this new format with two guest speakers moderated by Kirby Anderson. Our first panelist is international speaker and evangelist, Safeeya. Her salvation in Jesus cost her relationships with her family, native culture and country. Her own family put a death penalty on her life should she ever return. For her own security we have chosen to omit her entire name from our event information. You’ll just need to attend to see!

Panelist #2 is Author, Speaker and Human Rights Attorney, Virginia Prodan. Virginia is well known for her human rights activism. She is passionate about mentoring others to stand up to their giants and create a courageous, purpose-filled, and abundant lives.

The 2019 Collin County Prayer Breakfast promises to be a time of communal worship, insightful guest speakers and tremendous fellowship. Purchase tickets or sponsor a table by visiting www.collincountychristianprayerbreakfast.com

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